WordPress Plugin: Environment Control Tools

Position: WordPress Plugin Developer


Environment Control Tools is a powerful WordPress plugin I developed to address the common challenges faced by developers and website managers when working with different environments, such as development, staging, and production. This plugin offers a comprehensive set of features that streamline the management of plugins, search engine visibility, and visual differentiation between environments.

One of the key features of Environment Control Tools is its ability to control plugin activation states based on the current environment. With this functionality, you can specify which plugins should be active or inactive in each environment, ensuring that your website operates optimally and avoiding potential conflicts or unexpected behavior. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with email plugins, as it prevents accidental email sending from staging or development environments to real customers.

In addition to plugin control, Environment Control Tools provides search engine visibility management. It automatically sets the website's visibility to private or public based on the environment, ensuring that search engines do not index your development or staging sites. This feature helps maintain the integrity of your production website and prevents any potential SEO issues.

To aid in visual differentiation between environments, Environment Control Tools includes admin bar color control and favicon customization. You can assign distinct colors to the admin bar and favicons for each environment, making it easy to identify which environment you are currently working on. This visual cue helps prevent confusion and reduces the risk of making unintended changes to the wrong environment.

Environment Control Tools also enhances the functionality of other plugins by allowing you to customize their behavior based on the environment. For example, you can configure email plugins to be deactivated in development mode while keeping them active in production. This granular control ensures that every plugin operates optimally in each environment, maximizing their effectiveness and minimizing potential issues.

To facilitate testing and development workflows, Environment Control Tools seamlessly integrates with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Code Snippets. For instance, you can set up the WooCommerce Order Test plugin to be active only in development mode, enabling easy testing of the checkout process without affecting live transactions. Similarly, you can use Code Snippets to run specific code snippets exclusively in staging or production environments, enhancing flexibility and customization options.

Throughout the development process, I focused on creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies environment management tasks. The plugin's settings page provides intuitive controls for configuring plugin states, search engine visibility, admin bar colors, and favicons. This ease of use ensures that both developers and website managers can quickly set up and maintain their desired environment configurations.

In summary, Environment Control Tools is a robust WordPress plugin that I developed to streamline environment management and optimize plugin behavior based on development or production settings. By offering features such as plugin control, search engine visibility management, visual differentiation, and seamless integration with other plugins, this plugin empowers developers and website managers to work more efficiently and effectively across different environments.

Tools and Technologies used:

  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress Plugin API
  • WordPress Options API
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