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Using Auth0 and the WordPress REST API

This post is to simply clear up a few confusions I initially had when working with Auth0 and the WordPress REST API. I imagine there may be others out there who would benefit from a little more clarification than has been given on this issue. Auth0 and the Auth0 WordPress plugin does not offer any support for the WP REST API. This does not mean that Auth0 is blocking the WP REST API. It simply means that you cannot authenticate access to the WP REST API with Auth0 – or that you cannot do this without a fair bit of […]

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Vertical Text When Viewing Posts in WordPress

A common and and annoying issue I and many others have encountered is text displaying vertically in a post archive in the WordPress dashboard. Although this issue may look difficult to fix, it’s actually caused by too many columns being displayed. The solution is simple.

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Add An Episode Index To The Anchor FM Podcasts Embed Player

Update: I have built a free WordPress plugin for this functionality to enable you to easily output it on a page or post with a shortcode. You can download it here or search for “Anchor Episodes Index” on the WordPress plugin library. If you are using WordPress, I highly recommend you use this so that you have access to updates, maintainability and ease of use. For those who don’t use WordPress, I have built an embed maker for this functionality. You can see it by clicking here. Recently I ran in to an annoying little issue. I wanted to add […]

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Random WordPress Tips – WP Rig, WP Smoother

This is an article simply for the purpose of sharing some valuable WordPress tips and tricks I’m learning on my journey in the WordPress Universe. There are mountains of information on WordPress, and it’s often very hard to wade through, especially for beginners, so I’m hoping this will help people gain some traction in that area. WP Rig For our first of our WordPress tips, we have  WP Rig. It’s a great tool which I’ve just discovered. Its purpose is to help WordPress theme developers create fully custom themes, that are “lighting-fast”. But it’s much more than that. It implements a […]

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