Add An Episode Index To The Anchor FM Podcasts Embed Player

Recently I ran in to an annoying little issue. I wanted to use the Anchor FM podcasts embed player available on to one of the sites I manage. is possible, however Anchor FM only lets you embed the top part of the player that you see on their site, not the episode index. Just having the top part of the player wasn’t the kind of experience we were looking for users to have on this site. I found that Anchor FM gives you access to an RSS feed, with enough data to completely remake this feature on our own […]

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Random WordPress Tips – Ep #1 – WP Rig, WP Smoother

This is a new series of articles simply for the purpose of sharing some valuable WordPress tips and tricks I’m learning on my journey in the WordPress Universe. There are mountains of information on WordPress, and it’s often very hard to wade through, especially for beginners, so I’m hoping this will help people gain some traction in that area. WP Rig For our first of our WordPress tips, we have  WP Rig. It’s a great tool which I’ve just discovered. Its purpose is to help WordPress theme developers create fully custom themes, that are “lighting-fast”. But it’s much more than that. […]

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Starting a Freelance Web Development Business in Australia

Clients all over Australia

When I started my business, there were some key routes I took to getting my first jobs. Initially I was experimenting with almost anything and everything I could, and I noticed there were some avenues which gave more fruitful results than others. Here’s some tips based on my experience of  starting a freelance web development business in Australia. This article is not limited to Australia, and much of the advice is universal, but I thought it would be best to clarify that my experience is Australia specific.  Frame of mind I can give you some perspective on the frame of mind […]

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Invest More on Your Own Website Than on Social Media

Invest in your own site or social media?

Website Vs Social Media With the recent take down of very large channels like Alex Jones’ Info Wars, it’s becoming more obvious than ever that you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. Regardless of the reasons for these take downs, business owners are seeing how these aggressive tactics are. They’re  moves made by some of the biggest tech companies. This indicates that these platforms may not be as solid as they seem. Let’s investigate some of the reasons why it may be a better time than ever to invest more on your own website than on […]

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Factors that create a poor user experience for your website

Thumbs down to a website with a poor user experience

It’s vitally important that if you have an online presence, that you are presenting your self, or your business in an appropriate, and accurate way. Just like you present yourself in real life, the same goes for the web, and people inevitably, either consciously or subconsciously, judge your work on the Internet. In this article, we explore various factors that influence how what you put out online will be perceived. You can be great at a few of these things, but if you haven’t addressed all of the below reasons, you will create a poor user experience and lose a lot […]

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How to disable Facebook Messenger sticker suggestions for Android

Facebook Messenger sticker suggestions - M suggestions

I noticed recently that I have been getting Facebook Messenger sticker suggestions in my chat windows for various stickers that Facebook has on offer. The stickers appear dynamically, based on what you are typing in. If you type in ‘Hello’ a hello GIF might pop up. If you’re talking about food, you might see an image of a hungry animal. You might have also noticed that when making plans a “Start Plan” suggestion appears.  This is all part of Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant, and it’s called “M Suggestions”. I find this really annoying, and while it may be a little […]

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