I’m Jesse Sugden, a full stack web developer from Melbourne, Australia, but currently working remotely. I focus on building websites that are up to date with current technologies, and are ready to grow with the size of your business. I’m a technically minded as well as highly creative person (my other passions are electronic music, sound design, audio engineering).

Jesse Sugden

If there’s something I can’t do, there’s someone I know who can. I am able to employ a range of skilled people when necessary to fulfill certain technical or schedule based needs.

I coded up my first website 10 years ago when I was 19 for a local charity. Since then my interests and passions meandered off in other directions, many of them IT related, but occasionally they would circle back to web development. Over time a renewed fascination grew for web development, and I’ve been deeply involved in the web and software development field for the last few years.

Utilising languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SASS, SQL and frameworks React, Codeigniter, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap and more, I’m confident I can meet the needs of many clients.

Services I offer

  • WordPress theme development – Building and/or modifying WordPress themes is what I do best! I can build from scratch, or if you have a specific theme in mind, I can get everything loaded, running, customise code to your requirements, and show you how to use it.
  • WooCommerce Store DevelopmentĀ – WooCommerce is a powerful medium to build an online store on WordPress. I can build and thoroughly customise Woocommerce stores for many kinds of businesses.
  • Shopify development – I’m also experienced in developing for Shopify. If you need a custom design or functionality for your Shopify store, I can help.
  • PSD to WordPress/Shopify/HTML – If you have a designer who you want to design your website, I can make their designs a reality by building them in to WordPress, Shopify or a static HTML page.

My goal is to blend creativity with complexity and simplicity, creating unique solutions to modern problems. I hope I can be of service to customers and provide a smooth journey through these times of rapidly changing electronic landscapes.

Check out my GitHub account!