I’m Jesse Sugden, a full stack web developer from Melbourne, Australia. I focus on building websites that are up to date with current technologies, and are ready to grow with the size of your business. I’m a technically minded and creative person.

Jesse Sugden

I coded up my first website in 2010 for a local charity. Since then my interests and passions meandered off in other directions, many of them IT related, but occasionally they would circle back to programming. Over time a renewed fascination grew for programming, and I’ve been deeply involved and offering my services in the web and software development field for the last six years.

Utilising languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SASS, SQL, Python and frameworks React, Codeigniter, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap and more, I can meet the needs of many clients who require web based solutions.

Services I offer

  • Fully custom PHP/Javascript/Node.js web apps using frameworks Laravel, React JS, WordPress
  • Mobile App development with React Native
  • Desktop app development with Electron
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WooCommerce store development
  • Shopify theme development
  • Site audits
  • Much more. Just ask!