The Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Position: Full Stack Developer

Description: Anyone in Australia who was old enough at the time Daniel Morcombe went missing will remember what a huge story this was, unsolved for many years. The biggest murder mystery case in Queensland's history. I felt very privileged to be involved with this site, as the foundation Daniel's parents created has made great leaps in bringing awareness and developments to safety for children, making a positive impact from such a terrible event. This project was done with a team of people.  The site is quite large, with a fully custom theme, Woocommerce online store, events custom post type, the ability for the website user to propose new events,  a series of custom event filters, etc.
Tools and languages used:
  • Slack for communication
  • InVision for the design mockups
  • for assigning and communicating specific tasks
  • WPBakery page builder
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap
I built various pages throughout this website. Overall it was a great experience working with a bigger team than ever before, and learning the advantages that tools such as Slack, InVision and Teamwork offer when working with teams of this size.
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