Hope & May

Hope & May website screenshot

Position: Full Stack Developer

Description: Working wih a very talented designer who provided the mockups for this project, I gave the Hope & May site a thorough facelift. Most aspects of the theme were heavily customised, with the most notable being the entirely new dropdown navigation menu, and the product page.

Tools and languages used:
  • Theme Watch
  • Liquid, HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript
  • Brooklyn Theme
What I did:
  • Complex mobile menu built so that the user can change anything they want without having to touch code. The menu pulls products from user specified collections and displays product image, title, price and links to the product. Another menu item allows the user to add up to 4 columns of images and text which link to specific pages.
  • Product page with a new image slider that pulls the gallery images from the server and formats them for the slider.
  • Each product collection displays a relevant chunk of the navigation menu.
  • Configuring all inputs to work with the Shopify product line-items
  • Removal of PHP code, and developing thse same functionality with Liquid
  • Two different versions for two products: Personalised Invitations and Personalised Stationery

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