Gamers Throne

Position: Full Stack Developer


Gamers Throne is a web app built for users to conduct competitions with various games (eg Call of Duty, Fortnight, FIFA etc) with the winner of the tournament taking winnings in the form of money.

There are 2 different types of competitions; tournaments which can only be created by admins, and are more complex and interactive (brackets and leaderboards) and challenges, which can be created by premium users.Payouts of winnings and payments occur through the Paypal API, while subscriptions occur through the Stripe API (Stripe is better built for subscriptions). There are many features (such as group chats, virtual wallet, team creation, leaderboards) which make this site a rich experience for users and thus keeping them on the site.

The site is built from the ground up using Laravel.

Tools used:

  • Laravel
  • Paypal API for payouts and non-subscription payments
  • Stripe API for premium subscriptions
  • jQuery

Languages used:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • mySQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
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