Position: CTO, Integrations


On this project I worked primarily on integrations with third party providers of software, and then as general technical support on critical product release dates. I also managed the technical side of the whole project, acting as a CTO for the company.

We successfully transitioned Asia Blockchain Summit, which is the largest Blockchain event in Asia, from a physical event with around 5,000 attendees the prior year, to a fully virtual event with almost 10,000 users. The reason for this transition is of course due to borders being closed, thus the physical event could not go ahead.

This was the most challenging project I have undertaken to date, due to a short timeline, the amount of users and having 5 critical event dates for livestreaming, which made the deadline unchangeable.

I worked partly in office with the ABS team in Taipei, Taiwan to achieve this result.

The most important integrations I managed were:

  • Eventbrite attendees - Built a plugin which accepts a CSV export of Eventbrite attendee data and creates users, configures their account based on the level of access they purchased and emails them their account details
  • getstream.io chat app - Built a plugin which modifies and integrates the getstream.io React.js app in to Wordpress, passing important user data to it that allowed us to customize its operation based on certain user account conditions
  • Panopto livestream and VOD - Panopto is a video service. I worked with the Panopto team and the ABS livestreaming team to create a premium experience for users
  • Brella - For social networking during the event
  • Active Campaign - For user data capture and bulk emailing of Brella login details

I also oversaw the management of the server, which required extensive upgrades due to the amount of traffic.

Other tools used:

  • Bitbucket
  • Sendgrid
  • Cloudflare
  • Zapier
  • WP Pusher
  • Git
  • SSH
  • WinSCP
  • Putty
  • ACF
  • Ultimate Member
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