Invest More on Your Own Website Than on Social Media

September 22nd, 2018

Invest in your own site or social media?

Website Vs Social Media

With the recent take down of very large channels like Alex Jones’ Info Wars, it’s becoming more obvious than ever that you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. Regardless of the reasons for these take downs, business owners are seeing how these aggressive tactics are. They’re  moves made by some of the biggest tech companies. This indicates that these platforms may not be as solid as they seem. Let’s investigate some of the reasons why it may be a better time than ever to invest more on your own website than on social media.

Social media is a great place to develop attention for your business, it’s clearly not something to neglect. But to invest all your time, energy and money in to these platforms could spell disaster down the track. They’re  owned and controlled by multinational corporations who may have a very different idea of their own direction than you or I do.
The truth is; we really don’t know where the internet is headed. MySpace seemed to be set to last a long time, but it didn’t. We had MSN messenger, but where is it now? Times are different now, but I feel that this is still an ever present reality.

When a structure becomes too rigid, it breaks.

We see this in so much phenomena. Particularly of note is religion. Religious structures that have become too rigid to transform themselves in the light of new information about the nature of reality, are facing very big challenges that are clearly unsettling for members, and authorities. The religions that can change, or have already been in touch with changes, will flourish.

I think that we see examples of this in the decisions we see companies like Facebook and YouTube making as well. For both of them, in the beginning, their goal was simply to provide a tool. As little bias as possible. But now, we are seeing the take down of hugely popular channels. They’re basically stating that they know what you should see better than you do. They’ve taken on the job of curating content. I believe this goes against their original purpose. It indicates a kind of rigidity in their company culture that could be very hard to manage as technologies rapidly change.

They’re wielding power like never before.

It’s one thing to remove a little known channel that’s spreading wild speculation and unconfirmed conspiracy theories. But they’re doing it to big channels that have a huge audiences of interested listeners. It’s wielding power that we’ve never seen so brazenly used before in quite this way. With this kind of erratic behaviour from social media giants, it’s hard to say what kind of a future we have ahead of us on their platforms, and how they will handle that very uncertain future.

Facebook & Twitter - Tech giants have a will of their own - Invest more on your own website than on social media

Website VS Social Media – The tech giants have a will of their own

Anyway, I’m not here to bash YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Instagram. I’m here to let you know why it’s a good idea to make sure you are investing in something that is beyond these entities control. Invest more on your own website than on social media, and this will ensure that you have the ability to steer the ship.

Even if your content isn’t controversial, there is still considerable risk.

  • If YouTube decides that they want to make businesses pay a fee for their YouTube channels to get views (like Facebook has), much of your previous efforts may be in vein if you don’t have the money to fork out.
  • There’s no telling how these websites will tweak their feeds in the future. Just look at this article for an example of what’s already been happening
  • We are limited to what these sites let us do, and the list of freedoms appear to be getting smaller and smaller.
  • With a website, you are 100% in control of your online presence. Your website can go anywhere. Imagine that social media is like a railway, and your website is like a car, and in some cases even a spaceship. The railway is great and takes a lot of work out of the process of getting from A to B. However it has limits to where it can go. A car could get you anywhere there’s a road, and can be used whenever you want. A spaceship could take you to uncharted areas of the Universe, the journey of a lifetime. The spaceship would be comparable to a complex web app.

In my opinion, the appropriate role of a website, is to be the centre of your activity. The aspect of your online presence that, with maintenance, will withstand the ebbs and floes of the online world.
Your social media accounts are like the arms of your website, reaching out and driving traffic back to your website. Invest more on your own website than on social media and you will be setting yourself up for a more stable and prosperous future on the internet.

Thanks for reading.

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